JONESN-VAPE Warranty -Refund/Return/Exchange Policy

E-liquids: E-liquids are not covered under any warranty due to their consumable nature. If you find that the juice tastes different from a previous batch, we can guarantee that our formulas do not change but some known reasons for the change of taste may include (1) if the manufacturing date falls close to current date, the juice may require more steeping. Please shake well and leave in dark area for a few days.  (2) If you left the e-juice in a hot area or in direct sunlight, the heat may have affected the taste of e-liquid, especially if it contains nicotine, (3) If you changed your tank type, atomizer resistance or battery voltage it may be causing reduction or increase in nicotine dosage per puff, or under/over heating the juice to change the flavour. Check the suggested voltage range for your atomizer resistance and try at the lower end of that voltage range; (4) A survey of 500 customers has shown that the taste of e-juice as well as of some food items may change after they stopped smoking which can be explained as being caused by restoration of taste buds due to reduction in tobacco and other types of smoking; (5) Nicotine can oxidize when exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time, resulting in a slight color change of the e-liquid and also possibly a slight change in flavor.You can also avoid this physical change by simply storing your liquid in a drawer or similar dark, dry place at room temperature.

  • Accessories and Apparel: There are no warranties on accessories and/or apparel.
  • Products on Clearance Sale: Any products that are on clearance are final sale and are not covered under product warranty OR return policy. Clearance products are always final sale with no exceptions.
  • Discontinued Products: Products that are discontinued are no longer supported through our warranty replacement policy effective the time of discontinuance.